Radar Sécurité

Radar Sécurité, a leading security guard agency, recognized the need to update its online presence and strengthen its brand to better reflect its comprehensive service offerings and expertise in the industry. They approached our agency to help them undergo a website redesign, digital marketing strategy overhaul, and complete re-branding.

Our team collaborated with Radar Securite to address their challenges through a comprehensive plan involving website redesign, digital marketing strategy, and complete re-branding.


Radar Sécurité




Complete re-branding
Website Design
Digital marketing strategy


Typeface Competition
D&AD Awards

The website redesign, digital marketing strategy, and complete re-branding significantly transformed Radar Securite's online presence and brand perception.

Our comprehensive approach to addressing Radar Securite’s challenges resulted in a significant transformation of their online presence and brand identity.

The new website, digital marketing strategy, and re-branding led to increased traffic, lead generation, and client engagement, helping to solidify Radar Securite’s position as a top-notch security guard agency in the industry.