When we launched in 2014, our goal was to make a splash in the world of brand development and website design. We embarked on creating an unforgettable branding, logo, and stylish, design-centric website for our agency.

Our objective was to craft a unique and memorable brand identity that showcased our creativity and expertise in the industry, setting us apart from competitors and making a strong first impression.






Website Design


Typeface Competition
D&AD Awards

Our self-created branding and logo successfully showcased our artistic prowess and dedication to innovation. By developing a remarkable identity, we set the stage for continued growth and success in the competitive world of creative agencies.

We delved into market research, examined the branding of our competitors, and took cues from our mission and core values. We explored a range of logo ideas and eventually chose a harmonious visual identity system, encompassing typography, color palette, and imagery.

Our branding and logo became a hit, earning praise from both clients and industry peers. The eye-catching design and distinctive visual identity not only attracted new clients but also solidified our position as a creative powerhouse in the branding landscape.