As a frontrunner in sportswear and casual apparel with a 50-year history in trendsetting products and private label development, Getracan desired a rebranding and logo redesign to mirror their ongoing evolution. Nectar rose to the occasion, aiming to devise a brand identity that encapsulated Getracan’s dedication to quality and innovation.

The goal was to contemporize Getracan's image, accentuating their proficiency in sportswear and casual apparel, preserving their strong reputation, and creating a distinctive logo and brand identity to distinguish them from competitors.






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Nectar's partnership with Getracan revitalized their image and bolstered their market presence. The updated branding and logo skillfully showcased the company's dedication to high-quality sportswear and casual apparel, fostering innovation and paving the way for future growth.

Nectar performed comprehensive market research, assessed competitor branding, and took into account Getracan’s brand narrative and core values. The team experimented with numerous logo concepts before selecting a unified visual identity system that consisted of typography, color palette, and imagery.

Getracan and their target audience warmly received the rebranding and new logo, resulting in increased brand recognition and market differentiation. The transformation elevated engagement on digital channels, realigned the brand with their core values, and improved credibility with prospective clients and collaborators.